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F.A.T Friends

Nature exists to be appreciated and preserved. The F.A.T exists to do both. The F.A.T friends is a movement of like-minded individuals dedicated to keeping the areas along the F.A.T clean and accessible for everyone. We do this in three ways.


Trail Clean -Ups

The F.A.T friends will host quarterly weekend trail clean-ups along the F.A.T and at key points of interest and campsites.

"2 Bag" Challenge

Each person who purchases the GPX files for the F.A.T is asked to participate in the 2 bag challenge. What is the challenge? It's simple. Bring "two bags" when you travel on the F.A.T. One for all of your waste and one for you to clean up what you find along the trail.



The F.A.T friends seek to partner with local authorities, state and local officials, adventure clubs, and the communities along the F.A.T to raise awareness for offroad adventuring and to be an active part of the conversation around land use and land protection.


Join the F.A.T Friends!

Want to get involved with the F.A.T Friends movement? Join Today!

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